Teye’s Gorgeous Guitars

Teye Guitars - La Perla

“La Perla” courtesy of Teye Guitars

Many moons ago I stumbled across Teye Guitars. Teye is a luthier in Austin, Texas (originally from the Netherlands) who hand-makes custom guitars. I thought his site might be worth sharing because… the guitars are gorgeous. Combining ornate inlays and beautiful wood and metalwork, his designs seem to draw from everything from Texas and Southwestern styles to what I can only describe as Steampunk.

If Jules Verne came back to life and wanted to rock out, I feel like he’d seek out Teye. I can imagine Captain Nemo playing La Perla, Philias Fogg with La India, and creatures near the center of the Earth playing “La Pirata”.

Check them out, but beware of price tag!

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