Guitar Lesson Options & Rates

Lesson Options

  • House calls within San Francisco

  • Studio lessons in San Francisco

  • Skype lessons nation- and worldwide



  • Two or more students may take lessons together for no additional charge (splitting the cost between them). This is a great way to get a lot of value for very low individual cost.
  • Refer a new student and your next lesson is free! Refer 4 and enjoy a free month of lessons!


  • For full rate information, contact me.

Half-Hour or Hour Guitar Lessons?

The most common lesson durations are 30- or 60-minutes, although I have done other durations (45min, 90min, etc.).

If you’re not sure what lesson length you prefer, I’ve found that  students 10-adult tend to get the most out of an hour-long lesson. This allows time to warm up, review, and move forward with new material. Students under 10 tend to do better with 30-minute lessons. That said, there are no “rules”, and I’m happy to offer either time to students of any age.

In-Home Guitar Lessons in San Francisco

House call guitar lessons are available within San Francisco.

House calls offer maximum convenience for students and parents, while including the added advantage of in-person, 1-on-1 instruction.

Studio Guitar Lessons in San Francisco

Studio guitar lessons are given at 471 4th Ave #4, San Francisco, CA 94118.

Studio lessons are also available for those who want in-person lessons and are willing to travel to my location.

Skype Guitar Lessons

Skype guitar lessons are available to anyone, anywhere, with a computer, webcam, and high-speed Internet connection.

Skype lessons are also very convenient for students and parents (since they can be given from home or anywhere with a computer and Internet connection).

Additionally, this unique medium allows me to include a variety of multimedia tools to enhance lessons. Lessons can also be easily recorded as video and audio, so students can review them again later if desired.

Skype is free to use (click here for more info on the quick and easy way to set up Skype).


Have any questions or special requests? Feel free to email or call and let me know! 

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