“Jeff is a patient and attentive instructor. He’s taught me to play guitar much faster than I ever imagined. He is super at responding to emails and my crazy song requests! I am thankful!”

Moj M.


Girl playing fingerstyle guitar


“Jeff is doing a helluva job teaching me how to play the guitar. What’s nice is that he’s not just giving me random songs to learn. Each lesson, there’s a theme that helps me expand my repertoire.”

Steve T.


“Jeff is awesome. He’s very patient and knowledgeable. His style of teaching appeals to the older, less patient student, such as myself. His approach to teaching the guitar is much more involving than a previous class I took at a local JC.”

Anthony G.


“Jeff is a great guitar teacher that really goes above and beyond. Jeff spends more time preparing lessons for you and finding materials that speak to your particular interests than the actual time spent in the lesson. The fact that he teaches in the home is fantastic and I wouldn’t haven’t been able to start lessons without that. My wife doesn’t complain anymore that I have three guitars I never play, because now I play them all the time.”

Jay A.


“My husband and I are very happy that we found Jeff to be our son’s guitar instructor. Jeff is flexible and an easy person to talk with. I heard my son excitedly tell his friends about taking lessons with Jeff for an hour but it went fast because his actually having fun and looking forward to the lessons every week. Jeff is also attentive and helpful to our son’s interests in songs.”

Marissa K.


“Jeff has found yet another way to homeschool! He comes right to our house via Skype to teach guitar to my son. Jeff’s a great teacher. He is always on time, prepared and friendly. His knowledge of guitar playing and music theory as well as his ability to be in tune with the type of music that will engage my son is unparalleled. We highly recommend Jeff. If you’re new to Skype it’s not that tough to learn. This was our first Skype experience.”

Amy K.


“I am an advanced beginner and have been taking lessons from Jeff. I have enjoyed my classes, and have learned many new songs. Jeff’s easygoing personality and knowledge of the instrument makes guitar lessons fun. I enjoy going to class, and working out new songs with Jeff. Taking lessons from Jeff has inspired me to pick up my guitar again and strum away.”

Shane F.

“Jeff is an excellent teacher. He is knowledgeable, patient, and creative. Jeff has created videos as teaching aids. My wife and I have found him to be flexible and lots of fun. While we have enjoyed the lessons, Jeff is a task master and has kept us motivated. We have made consistent progress!”

Harvey B.


“Jeff is a very attentive instructor, and open to creating the guitar learning experience you want. His understanding of music theory and range of guitar playing styles allows him to be able to provide instruction tailored to your interests. Specifically, I am interested in blues style so he has helped guide my lessons in both developing my understanding of the blues scales (so I can jam) and collaborating with me to choose songs to develop my knowledge of blues repertoire. He is also always open to working with me to learn specific songs I find/bring to our lessons. His flexibility in scheduling, and allowing for remote lessons via Skype is another key advantage to his teaching model. Jeff provides great tips for improvement, is very encouraging, and knows how to make practice fun.”

MacKenzie H.


“My wife and I wanted to enrich our son’s morning daycare experience with music lessons. We are so lucky we found a teacher who makes “house calls,” and who is very patient and engaging with our six-year-old (a total beginner). Jeff incorporates guitar games into the lessons, uses the computer to show videos and make sound recordings, and has encouraged our son to compose mini-songs to increase his interest and confidence level. Jeff is good with “grown-ups” too; I have been joining in some evening lessons (as another beginner), and he’s an excellent teacher!”

Brad A.


“Skilled, innovative and accommodating—Jeff knows what he’s doing. I felt my interests and goals were thoroughly understood and attended to, and I found his multi-disciplinary approach of incorporating various learning tools to be very helpful. Worth it.”

Matt G.


San Francisco Guitar Lessons for Kids


“Jeff makes it really easy and fun to learn. It’s fun to talk with him about your musical interest. Overall Jeff is a real nice person in general and he is definitely the guitar teacher of my choice.”

Reece S.


“Jeff is a great guy and fun to work with! I’m sure all of his students enjoy him!”

Lance A.

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