Free Guitar Lessons San Francisco — Monday Exercise #4

The fourth “linear exercise” in our continuing series on rapidly improving our dexterity, strength, stamina, power, and musicality of our fingers to improve our guitar playing…

Download the tablature for this exercise here: Guitar Finger Exercise #4 Tab

This week’s pattern will be 4-2-3-1. As with the past three exercises, we’ll start on the 6th string, then go up to the 5th string, then up to the 4th string, etc., until we end on the 1st string. Then we’ll go in reverse, starting on the 1st string and playing the pattern backwards (1-3-2-4) on each string in the opposite direction.

I highly recommend using a metronome if you haven’t started yet. Once you can play the exercise for this week completely (playing all four notes in order), set the metronome on the lowest it will go, and play along. If it seems like the metronome is out to get you, remember that it only has one job: keep accurate time. Be patient and keep going, and you’ll be rewarded with some monstrous talent and beautiful sense of rhythm and musicality.