Free Guitar Lessons San Francisco — Monday Exercise #3

And now part three in our continuing series on rapidly improving our dexterity, strength, stamina, power, and musicality of our fingers to improve our guitar playing…

Download the tablature for this exercise here: Guitar Finger Exercise #3 Tab

By now, you’re probably getting the gist of these exercises. Intellectually they’re not too hard to understand, which is fine because they aren’t intellectual exercises. These are all about creating new neural circuits in the brain to better control our finger movements.

The first exercise was 1-2-3-4 up and then in reverse. Week two was 2-1-4-3. This week will be 3-2-4-1. Simply follow along in the same vein. If you’re just jumping in now, you might want to simply follow the video and the guitar tabs linked above.

Every time you practice one of these exercises, your playing will get better and better, until you can rocket through these motions without thinking about them. (That’s a good place to be!)