Free Guitar Lessons San Francisco — Monday Exercise #2

Here’s part two in our continuing series on rapidly improving our dexterity, strength, stamina, power, and musicality of our fingers to improve our guitar playing.

Download the tablature for this exercise here: Guitar Finger Exercise #2 Tab

This exercise will also be fast, simple, and direct. Building off the same idea as last week’s 1-2-3-4 pattern, this will include the same notes, rules, and pattern in a different order: 2-1-4-3, using the finger order: middle, index, pinky, ring.

This may seem like a small difference, but if you’ve never moved your fingers in this order before, it might be surprisingly cumbersome. If so, that’s good! One thing I love about these exercises is how well they uncover weak points in my playing, coordination, and dexterity.

Once you’ve found your weak spot, spending just a little bit of focused time and attention working on it will often dramatically improve your playing overall, since you’ve just eliminated one of the “weak links” in the chain of your guitar skills.