Free Guitar Lessons San Francisco — Beginner Guitar Hacks Intro

This series is for beginning guitarists who want to start playing well fast.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver the years, many of my non-musician friends have expressed awe and amazement when I would start strumming my guitar along to a song I was hearing for the first time. “How are you doing that?” they’d ask. “Innate musical genius,” I’d lie.

As much as I wish I had musical superpowers, I don’t. I just know the tricks, the patterns, the short-cuts, and the easiest ways to cover up my (inevitable) mistakes while figuring things out.

You can too.

The reason why it’s possible to hack the guitar and music in general is because there are certain fundamentals, habits, attitudes, techniques, and patterns that you can learn and employ fast.

If you were learning a new language, trying to memorize every word in a dictionary would be informative, but highly inefficient—extreme effort for relatively low payoff.

But if you learned the 100 most used words in that language, and the dozen or so most common sentence structures, you’d be able to communicate (on a basic level) very quickly—relatively low effort for very high payoff.

The same principle can be utilized with the guitar. It’s just a question of knowing what information is essential, how to use it, and in what order you should tackle it. If you know these three things, even a mysterious ability like musicianship becomes incredibly easy to manage.

In fact, it only becomes a questions of time.

Can you go from a rank beginner to a guitar virtuoso in a month? Of course not. But for those who want to get good enough to play songs they enjoy, jam with friends, or for total beginners who want to make fast and powerful progress, this series will be a great place to start.

And you’ll learn how to learn—quickly and easily, as you master more and more skills and techniques on the guitar.

Each module will cover a new guitar hack, included as a free lesson complete with a song and/or exercise for you to use right away and make measurable progress on the guitar.

It’s time to pick up your guitar and play. Check back to this blog regularly or click the “subscribe” button to get updates easily.

Game on.