How would it feel?


Skype guitar lessons

…to fill the room with music so beautiful it makes everyone’s jaw drop?

…to relax with friends, at home or in the outdoors, with the pleasant melodies of your guitar?

…to jam with confidence and prowess with your friends, family, and other musicians?

…to brighten someone’s day with a song you wrote yourself?

…to give someone you know the wonderful mental, emotional, physiological, and experiential rewards of music?


Welcome to Creative Spark Guitar Instruction

Jeff Feldman

My name is Jeff Feldman and I’m a guitar instructor in San Francisco and on Skype, specializing in teaching beginners and intermediate players how to absolutely love playing guitar.

Here you can learn all about my background, my teaching philosophy, taking lessons with CSGI, and hear what students have to say.


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Whether you want to play your favorite songs like the original artist, find your own voice in your songwriting, perform in front of adoring fans, simply enjoy some relaxing “me time” — or if you’re thinking of giving someone all of these experiences and more, this site is full of information to help you achieve your goal.

Thanks for your interest in Creative Spark Guitar Instruction. Feel free to call or email me personally with any other questions you might have!

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                                                           Jeff Feldman

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